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Our Mission

To enhance the creativity of children and adults through expressive art allowing one to tell a story and paint their imagination through Scribbles and colorful paintings. With Scribbles N’ the Skye you will learn the fundamentals of creative art through illustrations and educational modules, allowing every imagination to become a canvas. So let us help you Paint and Celebrate.


What we offer:

Scribbles N' the Skye provides hours of fun, creative and expressive art for all ages. We try not to instruct the artists on how to create their own unique masterpieces but instead, we help guide their imaginations to shine brighter through the colors of paint. We know everyone has busy schedules now a days and finding time to relax seems rare, but with Scribbles N' the Skye we will make every minute one to remember. Our mobile paint parties and events will give you a fun new way to spend time with family and friends in the comfort of any location you choose.

The Scribbles Artist "Hall of Fame" 

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